A tech startup developing cutting edge solutions, products and automation to solve problems encountered by SMEs.



Result Based Digital.

The technology universe is very vast, and continues to evolve at such a rapid pace that makes development and deployment increasingly complex. It is an endless mix of platforms, infrastructure, architecture, user experience, enterprise solutions...

The range of skill sets and experience required to successfully navigate this complexity is both scarce and considerably expensive for startups entering the growth-stage.

Technology Leadership

We  fulfil CTO requirements, provide advisory to executive  management and take responsibility for the team  and product...

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Professional Training Services

We provide soft skills and technical performance improvement  support through top class training intervention...

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Ad Hoc Skills and Project Resourcing

We offer  project based engineering support to compliment  inhouse tech teams...

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We are a Dynamic team with:

Thought Leadership

Proven Methodology

Hands On Experience

Continuous Support

Our Advantage

We know what we are doing. Our two partners have over 20 years of software engineering experience between them, 15 of which are in senior positions. They have held expert roles across a wide range of industries, including multinationals and early stage startups, and have shipped code with myriad technologies and engineering paradigms. The depth and breadth of experience and skill sets they bring are cutting edge and impactful for our type of clients.

Our competencies provide substantial administrative leverage for early to growth stage startups, allowing them to be both compact and nimble. The executive level input afforded by our technology leadership solution minimises the disproportionate burden of technology on tech and non-tech centric founders, allowing them to get a balanced grip of their business as they scale.

Competition for top quality engineering talent makes it expensive. The relative cost burden of retaining experienced engineers is even more significant for early stage startups aiming to scale. Our talent resourcing model allows us to engage our clients in a way that is cost effective by pooling clients and experts to optimise man hours.

We understand how remuneration works in tech startups, so we are aligned with the expectation that equity may be offered in part as reward for the work we do. This means our clients don’t have to alter their reward models to work with us, and we are incentivised for their long term success.